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Related post: Date: Sun, 11 Apr 2010 16:20:51 EDT From: BALSAM8aol.com Subject: Relatively SpeakingThis story involves sex between consenting males who are related. You would probably not be reading this if it wasn't your cup of tea. pussy underage thumbs While the men in this story do not wear condoms, you should. girl pics underage If. So unzip, relax and enjoy because here it cums!In most people's eyes, Josh was a privileged fourteen year old kid. He lived in an exclusive town in Westchester County, New York. But Josh, underage pic in reality was very lonely. underage pics galleries underage nudist picture He lived with his dad and a myriad of household help. From housekeepers to gardeners to chauffeur, he was constantly catered to. What he lack was a real family unit. His father, Dale, had married his mom, under pressure, when they were nineteen and he was born seven months later. They had both been aspiring dancers on Broadway. His mom knew that his dad was bisexual when she got him drunk one night and they slept together. The marriage lasted less than a year when she split for California and left Dale with Josh, giving him sole custodial rights, to pursue a career in television. Dale took Josh to live with his grandmother. She unexpectedly passed away leaving the twenty one underage sex magazines year old man a multimillionaire many times over as well as leaving a hefty trust fund for her underage peeing video only grandson. Dale settled in to a comfortable life underage girls porns with his under age teenys son and spent a good deal of time painting. But, at the asia underage teens age of thirty-four, he, too, felt a longing for something else in his life. Never having had a kids underage bbs serious relationship in his life, including his short-lived "marriage," his sex life was non-existentDale was a good looking man who decided to dedicate his life to his son. He hired the best nanny to help raise him and, when he was old enough, he hired professional tutors to home school him. He was surrounded mainly by adults who fawned over the boy. Josh's gene pool was unbelievable. He had inherited his father's athletic body and his mom's blond good looks. At thirteen, he was an incredibly underage teenage sex beautiful boy. Every day that Dale looked at him he knew how blessed he truly was. Part of their underage photo gallery daily ritual was exercising, including jogging around the twenty acre property and working out in the gym. Dale hired a personal trainer who worked not underaged teen picture only with him but with Josh as well. The boy had developed an incredible build for underage home ls a fourteen year old, including an extremely well defined chest and, firm, tawny legs and in incredibly well rounded txt underage porno butt.Then one day, Dale got a call from his ex-wife's sister, Terry. They had kept in touch, over the years, mainly for Josh's sake. Terry had never forgiven her younger sister for abandoning her son and signing over her parental rights. Although they lived on the West Coast, she and her husband and son had visited Dale and Josh a few times when they were in New York, although it had been about five years since they had seen each other. Terry called to ask her ex-brother-in law for a favor. She was a CPA who underage looking girls was asked to move to Japan and start up a new office. She underage anima girl and underaged sex photo her husband were going to move there for two years. She wanted to get settled before he underage sluts son, Chase, joined them. Chase was fifteen and Josh had not seen him since underage hardcor pics he was ten and Josh was nine. Basically, she asked naughty underage pics if underage hardcore pictures Chase teenie loitas underage could live with him until the summer when her husband fly in to take him to Japan. It nude underaged vagina was a lot for Dale to digest, but with all his resources and all his ex-sister-in-law's support, he could not refuse. Since Terry had to go immediately that left her husband Steve to underage teen guestbook tie up the loose ends and bring his son to New York, They were flying in the day after Christmas, Steve would stay for a few days and teen underage kiddy then head for the Orient to join his wife.Josh was actually happy underage asian sex that his cousin was going to be staying with them as he longed for someone nearer his own age. The weeks could not fly by fast enough and his cousin was due to arrive. His dad sent his limo to pick them up lucasville underage girls at the airport. Forty-five minutes later they were at the door. Josh hugged his aunt and uncle and then his cousin Chase walked in. Chase looked like a true Malibu boy with girl sucking underage shoulder ukranian underage nude length blond hair and deep blue eyes. He smiled at Josh and they shook hands. Josh couldn't help but notice that Chase held his hand a bit linger than usual for a typical handshake. Steve had basically not changed much since Dale and Josh had last seen him. At thirty-seven, he looked like he could pass for his son's older brother. Josh watched as Uncle Steve and his dad huggedThe four males sat down to dinner and talked like they had never been apart. Dale had always like Steve as he was a bit of a carefree spirit. wet underage sex He had his own interior design business with a partner who was going to man the ship, so to speak, while he was gone. The libations were flowing as the two men shared two bottle of wine between them. After dinner, they retired to the den and talked some more. Before they knew it, it was eleven PM and the boys were sent up to bed leaving the men alone. homemade underage pics For the meantime, Chase would be bunking with hot underage naked Josh and his dad would be staying in the guest room on the main floor.Back when they were younger, the boys had no compunctions over undressing in front of each other. Now that they were teens, download underagefuckingpictures Josh felt a bit strange. He had nothing to be ashamed of; he had a terrific body. His underage sexmovie cock, when soft, was a good four inches, When it hardened, it was nearly seven inches. He had discovered masturbation about a year earlier, finding out about it when his dad gave him full access to the Internet on his computer. He also knew that sex could be between not only a man and a woman, but two women or two men. Truthfully, it was the latter that interested him the most. At the tender age of fourteen, he wondered if he was gay since seeing guys dicks seemed to turn him on the most. He was also amazed at how much guys seemed to be turned nasty underage thumbs on by having the nipples sucked and their top models underage ass cracks licked and he wondered if he would enjoy that as well. Up until now, he jacked off about twice a day mostly underaged nubile teens thinking about guys when he did it. Once or twice, when Josh closed his eyes, he imagined his dad's body naked. Although he had never seen his dad totally naked, he only imagined that the gene pool must have left him well-endowed. He had also read the incest was frowned upon by society but that didn't stop him from having his thoughts.When they entered his bedroom, Chase immediately said that he needed to take a shower badly. Josh gladly got him a bath underage xxx tgp towel. He watched as the fifteen year old guiltlessly stripped off his clothes exposing his body. He was tan almost beautiful underage nude all over, except for a discreet tan line. When he turned around, Josh's eyes widened as stared at his cousin's penis. It had nude underage clients to be a good six inches soft. Chase caught his cousin staring at his manhood and smiled the teen bikini underage turned and walked into the bathroom. As he listened to the shower running, Josh undressed and changed into a new pair underage nude funlumpkinsing of briefs. Ten minutes later, Chase emerged from the bathroom completely naked and proceeded to climb into bed."Hoe you don't mind cuz, but I like to sleep commando." Chase announced matter-of-factly.. I guess that's cause LA is usually warm at night, Josh turned out the main light and the room was bathed in moonlight. While Josh's underage sex ru bed was king-sized, he could feel the heat emanating from Chase's body. This caused a stirring in his briefs."Josh, I'm feeling really horny and I need to get off real bad or I might explode! Mind if I whack off?" Chase asked casually. What could Josh say? His cousin could have easily done it while showering this avoiding the question. Deep illegal underaged girlsxxx down, Josh was glad he hadn't, because right now he wanted nothing more than to watch his cousin beat off. Before he could even answer, Chase spoke. "You do free underage naturist know what jacking off is, don't you Josh?' Chase asked."Of course, I do, I'm no baby!" Josh answered defensively. "Oh yeah, so you illegal underage photo nonnude underage beat your meat a lot, do you?" Chase asked slyly. "Well, if that's the case, you can join me or just watch, it's your choice. Or I could go into the bathroom...."Chased asked coyly. "No, you don't have to do that. But,'er I'd like to do it, too, if that's not to weird for you? Josh asked praying his cousin would agree."Absolutely! I have no problem with that! My dad and I do it all the time, especially when my mom is out of town on business. As a matter of fact, he was the one who taught me how to do it." Chase said innocently. He was stroking his rod as he spoke and it was rapidly expanding. My boner is a thick eight inches, but my dad says that by the time I'm eighteen it will be as big as his. He's got ten inches hard!" Chase said proudly. gay underage nude drunk underage bitches Josh, meanwhile, had a huge erection in his shorts. As he squeezed it, he knew he had to release to gain much needed relief. Chase continued speaking. "One day, after dinner when I was thirteen and my mom was out-of-town, Dad came into my room wearing only a towel and sat down mexican underage on my bed. I guess if's time to underage catfight talk about where babies come from, kid. He proceeded to tell me all about the birds and bees and how I would need to be responsible and wear protection when it came to sex with girls.. I guess he must have surprised him when I said that I wasn't really interested in girls, and free underage topsites preferred to hang out with my underage small tits boy pals. He looked at me and smirked and said, that I still had to be responsible, but should not consider sex with anybody other than someone I knew well. He then underage sample movies told me about masturbation and my eyes widened. He told me that it was a great way to get off when no one else was around and something that every boy did during his teen years. I told him that I honestly hadn't done it yet. Truth was I woke up often with hardons and some mornings, there was a wetness around my pubes. Thinking back, I must of had a few nocturnal emission; cumming in my sleep. He then when on to say that he would show me the best way to get myself off so I could receive the maximum. pleasure. He dropped his towel and his hard cock bounced on his stomach. He had a whopping ten inch cock that looked to be as thick as a beer can! I watched intently as he began to stroke his rod up and down. He encouraged me to free underage pics drop my shorts and follow his lead which I eagerly did. He told me to sit next to him on the bed. With his left hand, he began to caress my pecs which made me even hornier. I could feel something building up inside of me as I intently watched and copied his every mood."Josh was underage image really turned on and could not believe what he was hearing. His own rod was painfully hard and he decided to go for broke and expose himself to his cousin. 'That's a nice piece of meat you have thee, Josh! You're gonna be a heartbreaker some day!' Chase said He then continued his hot story. "Dad was pumping underage latin pussy his rod nice and underage pussies free steady by now and I could see his balls pulling closer to his body. See, little underage cunt Josh, sort of like mine are doing now. Man, I'm beautiful underage teen really hot porn underage horny and need to bust a gut! Anyway, Dad saw that I was pumping real hard by now and he did something. He pushed my hand away and grab my boner. Sort of like this!"With that, Chase reached over and grabbed Josh's teen rod and began to stroke it vigorously. Josh knew that he was about to blow and he needed to real bad. 'Yeah, don't it feel good Josh! It felt great when my dad did it for me. Jacking my dick off for all he was worth. And it did feel so much better when he did it. Joshie, doesn't it feel great! Then I did it! I blew my load all over the place! underage sauna porn I had my first real cum of my life! Come on Joshie, shoot your load for me just like I did for my Daddy!" Hearing that pushed Josh over the edge as he let go and unleashed the biggest load of teen spunk underage dinking he'd ever shot. There was ball juice every where! He even shot beach nude underage all over his cousin's underage nudism pics cock. Josh watched as Chase grabbed his own rod, moaned and exploded. his own huge load also covering them both. It seemed like neither one of them would come down to earth. Josh loved his cousin's hand on him and hearing the story turned him on immensely. underage nudes gallery Both boys were caught up in the moment and covered with teen cum.Josh looked over and saw that his cousin was still rock hard. Chase smiled as he saw Josh staring at his still hard rod. "Yeah, I usually stay hard after underage party bbs I blow my first load. It takes a couple of good ones to deflate me. Hey, Josh, there's something else that my Dad taught me. I'll show you if you're interested?" Chase asked coyly. Josh was desperate to have more sex with his cousin. A new world was opening to him and he was going to jump in cock first! "Lay opposite me on the bed so you're head is parallel to my dick and I'll do the same to yours!" Chase said. With that, the two teens lay head to toe. Josh gasped as his cousin's tongue licked around his cock slit. underage russain nudes "Shit he's gonna give me a blow job and he expects me to do the same to him!" Josh thought to himself. He stared at his cousins thick boner inches from underage sex porno his mouth. Tentatively, underage teens incest he took fat underage pussy hold of it and stared it in the eye. There was a drop of pre-cum oozing from it and he tentatively extended his tongue and tasted. underaged models pantyhose "Um" he thought. It tasted good, Sweet, non unlike his own boy juice which he had tasted on several occasions. "Now, Joshie, we're gonna suck nude underaged boys each other. Take as much of my cock in your throat as you can. turkish underage photos I'm sure you'll do just fine" Chase said. With that, he proceeded to swallow his younger cousin's cock balls deep with an expertise belying a fifteen year old and indicating that he'd done this many times in his young life. It felt hands down better than being jacked off as Josh's body shook with the passion his cousin's mouth was bringing him. Boldly, he opened his mouth and worked Chase's rod in, trying to control his gag reflex. He could taste the virility oozing from Chase's rod and hoped he would be able to please his cousin. In unison, the two teens nursed each other's rods, each tenderly grabbing the underaged sex clips other's ball sac. Then, it happened. Josh felt a finger rubbing at his butt hole. It was a feeling that he had never felt before. underage cute teens It felt as if Chase was inserting something sticky up inside of him. He tried to relax and as he did, he realized that it was beginning to underage girl model feel real good. So good that he thrust his cock deeper inside Chase's throat."There's something else that Dad taught me, Josh. I would love if you would let me show you!" Chase seemed to beg. Josh had an idea what it was based upon what he'd read on the Internet and was a big fearful. Chase had a big, thick dick and he wanted to stick up Josh's butt. Josh knew that his cousin was unveiling a whole new world to him and did not want to put the older boy off. He had also read that once you underage movies free got used to it, you would love it. With underaged pornstars that, he dutifully rolled on his stomach and waited. underage pussy tube 'You've got the most beautiful butt!" Chase whispered underage models nonnude as underage cock sucking he stared down at his cousin's twin globes of flesh. Just staring at them made underage bondage pics Chase's cock throb even harder but he knew that he had to prepare his cousin well. Leaning over, he spread the gorgeous cheeks and extending his tongue taking a long swipe at the virgin orifice. Josh gasped as he felt the wetness of his cousin's tongue. In his wildest dreams, he never thought that something could feel so underage lol wicked and wonderful simultaneously. Eagerly, Chase began to lap at the winking hole trying to get his tongue into the tightness. Josh willed himself to relax the underage female fucking best he could as he began humping the mattress. Five minutes of this underage russian naked and Chase knew Josh was ready. He reached into his travel bag and took out a tube of lube that models underage nonnude he had. He squeezed a generous dollop on his hand and coated his eight incher liberally. Then he coated his fingers and worked them inside Josh. Josh gasped again as he felt the coolness inside of him. Again, he willed himself to relax. Chase was ready. Josh was ready. Chase grabbed his dick and aimed down. "Relax, cuz" push out and take deep breaths!" Chase urged. The bulbous head nudged at the entrance, spreading the virgin hole. A slight push forward. A gasp. And then it was in. Josh held his breath. If felt weird but good. Chase waited, reigning in his urge underaged naked to thrust deeply and controlling his lust. He held himself in place allowing his cousin to grow used to the feeling."Fuck me, Chase. Spear me with your thick, hard cock. I need it, no I want you inside of me. Fuck me. please!" Josh begged. Chase needed no further encouragement, but knew what to do. Just as his dad had done with him, he slid in slowly, letting inch by inch of his thick teen rod enter his cousin's no longer virgin orifice. Further and further he edged in until, finally, every wonderfully, thick inch was buried inside Josh, his teen balls resting against the boy's buns. "You don't know how fucking hot it feels to be inside of you, Joshie! You're tight hole is squeezing the life out of me!" Chase moaned. Josh, for his part, could not believe how full he felt. But it was a good feeling, He felt completely filled by his cousin and attached to him in a wonderful way. "Come on, Chase fuck me with your hot cock. I want it real bad!" Josh groaned.And Chase complied, He raised himself up and rhythmically began to pump away, sliding his dick in and out with precision. Josh underage teen models was now lifting his butt up to meet his underage bikini pic cousin's thrusts as both boys were overcome with lust. then Chase knew he wanted more. He wanted to, no he needed to see his cousin's face when he fucked him. Tenderly, he pulled out to underage soft porn the despair of Josh. "Turn over Josh and lift your legs up. I want to mount you face forward." Chase said. And Josh obeyed. He looked into his cousin's face and their eyes locked. Tenderly, again, Chase entered him until he 8 underage pussy was buried balls deep. Chase now doubted it was lust he was feeling, but rather love. And for the first time in his life, Josh, too, loved someone as much as he did underage nude teens his dad. Together, they made love as Chase thrust in and out of the boy's hole. He underage amateurs nude would have liked to remain locked inside Josh forever but he knew it could not be. His balls tightened as porn underage latina his scrotum pulled tight. Josh could tell, by Chase's groans that videos galleries underage he was close to cumming. So close that underage pretten he bit his underage young asian lip, so close that he leaned impossibly forward and pressed his lips to Josh's forcing his tongue into his mouth just as his Dad had done to him so many times. He whimpered and held himself balls deep as he unloaded the load of his life breeding his cousin with his teen spunk. At the same time, Josh's cock involuntarily spewed forth his second load covering both their bellies. Finally, as his balls emptied, Chase collapsed atop his cousin as they again kissed deeply.sut what was happening downstairs, There's more to cum if you want it. Please le me know _Balsam8aol.com_ (mailto:Balsam8aol.com)
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